Valentines Gift for You

The big day of love is only one week away.  In our family my husband & I don't really celebrate Valentine's Day.    But we always do something for our kids.  In our house Valentines is more of a kids holiday.  I get a small gift bag for each child with some candies & maybe a small toy or pair of socks.  Something really small & generally from the Dollar Store.  We also always make a trip to the Dairy Queen.

I know this may sound strange, but up here in cold Montana our Dairy Queens are not open year around (except the one in the mall, but I hate going to the mall).  The tiny huts that our local DQs call home are not warm enough to serve ice cream all year long.  Also, they have no indoor seating.  There are not too many people lining up outside in 10 degree weather to get a frozen treat.  Every year on Valentines Day the two little Dairy Queen huts begin operating again.  I love this for two reasons: 1)I can get the best cheese hot dogs in the world 2)It's a sign that spring is on it's way.  So each Valentines Day we make the trek over to the DQ & get ourselves our long missed baby cones & cheese dogs.
I like this holiday because it's low key, involves lots of chocolate (and in our case, cheese hot dogs), and is symbolized by my two favorite colors- red & pink.  In honor of Valentines treats & gift giving I'm showing ya'll my love by giving away this cute little baking set.  Included (all Valentine's Day themed of course) are 2 oven mitts, 2 silicone spatulas, a bunch of Valentine's cookie cutters, & an assortment of colored sugars & sprinkles.  You could decorate cookies all day with this fun kit!

To enter just tell us what your Valentine's Day tradition is in the comments section below.  I will randomly draw a winner & announce it on Friday.


  1. We LOVE to leave each other (all 4 of us) little love notes & treats in fun metal mail boxes all month. We of course LOVE each other all the time, but this is fun way to remember and get CANDY!!!
    BTW: that owl oven mitt is stinking CUTE!

  2. We make heart shaped pancakes for breakfast then make heart cookies sometime during the day then we stop and buy the heart shaped pizza that Papa Murphy's sells just for this holiday. Then we leave it for the babysitter to bake while we go out to dinner. I always give my kids treats. I already sent our college kids there gifts and this year for our two younger girls I bought the Hallmark Bees that hold a note and am filling it with new art supplies. The girl made valentines boxes to hold there valentines from friends. Annas (of course) is huge and very artistic, decorated and papered with all kinds of stuff. Moriahs is a smaller a more understated version.

  3. We don't have lots of Valentine's traditions with our kids (which is probably really selfish). For us, Valentine's has always been OUR day, since we started our romance on Valentine's day. We usually try to go out to a nice dinner and spend a little QT together. When that doesn't happen, love notes and lots of smooches sufice! (This year I got a new van for Valentine's Day, so romantic!)

  4. In our house, Valentine's day is a kids holiday too! My mom would always make it a special day for us kids and I have tried to carry on that tradition. We usually give the kids a little goody bag with candy and a small toy. I like to make heart shaped sugar cookies and frost them with the girls. For Jon and I, the day after Valentine's day is special because it is the first time we reconnected after 5 years and it was the best new beginning! Tiff

  5. Valentine's Day is not really much around here either...mostly because it is sandwiched in between two of my children's birthdays...usually I buy everyone a Reese's Peanut Butter Cup heart and a special dinner. This year, Valentine's Day falls right in the week long celebration we have when one of our children turn 13...
    This year, my hubby and I will be going to the Cheesecake factory on the 15th as mystery shoppers...don't tell anyone though! :-) So we will have a little celebration then!