Love Story

For the next couple of weeks I'll try to stick to the Valentine's/Love theme.  So here's my first little love story.  Last night at church it was Mexican theme night at AWANA (a children's program).  In the course of the evening a piñata was smashed & my twins ended up coming home with a small stash of candy, erasers, stickers & little toys.  Later that evening when I went in my room to go to bed this is what I saw.  My sweet little second to oldest (but only by 10 minutes) had left little gifts on my husband's & my pillows.  For her Daddy she had sometime during the day found this magazine; and knowing how much her Daddy loves to hunt mountain lions knew he had to have it.  Because it has some sort of large cat on it, she knew it would be prefect.  And for her Mama she left some sweet treats & a little note- she's knows the way to my heart.  So sweet!  I think I kissed her a billion times after I found it.  Proving that it really isn't the gift but the thought that matters.  Remember that at Valentines this year, even the simplest, cheapest, most homemade gifts can really show how much you love someone.

If you have a cute love story please share it in the comments section below.  Everyone loves stories about love!

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  1. Reminds me of the last time we were visiting, and she made my bed and left me a card on the pillow. I still have the card up on our fridge. I just felt bad that it was six pm and my bed still wasn't made.