Cute Valentine's Cards

Here's another super simple homemade Valentine's Day card.  My girls are in kindergarten & this is what they did for their classmates this year.  Now before you say I'm Super Mom or way too ambitious, keep in mind that there are only ten kids in their class.  So overall we only had to make twenty.  I love the cute little dragon fly & that the candy is attached!  I found this idea at and just tweaked it for my purposes.  This card is simple, requires minimal grown up work, and gets your kids creative juices flowing.

First I altered the printable from the website to the size that would work best for Smarties or a snack size candy bar.  I also put four cards per page so there was less printing.  Here is my template.

Next cut out the cards by quartering the page with a cutting board or scissors.  Now let your kids get creative & color in the picture.  Then have them write who it's to & from on the back (or the front if they can write small enough).
For the wings I used foam heart stickers.  You could also cut out little hearts from construction paper if you like, but the stickers are much easier.
I think the wings pop out a little more if you layer the hearts by putting a smaller heart on top of the big heart.

Lastly I just used a glue stick to attach the candy & they were done.  Super cute homemade cards are the best.  You can easily alter this project based on the child's age & skill level.  Happy card making!

Here is the original template that I adapted
Here is a more technical template 

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