Easy Valentine's Day Cards

This is a great way to do homemade Valentine's Day cards with your kiddos without having to do too much of the work yourself.  Isn't that how homemade projects always go, the adult ends up doing ninety percent of the work.  So with that in mind I'm sharing these cards.  That ninety percent part of the job you'll end up doing is easy & minimal, you could even watch "Say Yes to the Dress" while you helped make these.  Here's the DL:
construction paper or coverstock
pipe cleaner
"Smarties" candy
markers, stamps, or stickers
First fold a piece of construction paper or coverstock in half (if all you have is printer paper just go with it).  Now you are going to cut out a 3 inch butterfly shape.  My tip on this is to start like you would a heart & when you're a little from completing the bottom go back out & make a smaller upside down heart shape.  Or find a stencil, or get a picture from the internet & print & cut it out.  
Cut the pipe cleaner into 3 inch pieces.  Wrap around one end of the "Smarties" & twist a few times to keep it in place.

Then put the pipe cleaner antennas down so they are parallel to the "Smarties"
Next tape the "Smarties" to the butterfly wings & you're done.

You can leave them plane like this or do more decorating depending on the child's age.  Kids could decorate the wings with markers, sticker, or stamps.  For smaller children I would suggest stamps & stickers.  Have kids decorate the wings before attaching the candy.  You could also make these larger & use other types of candies, whatever floats your boat.

Teachable moment: you could use this project to double up on home school lesson about butterflies. Or teach about symmetry and have kids concentrate on making both sides of the wings the same.  Or do an art lesson on negative & positive space (the wings are the negative space & the designs they put on the wings are the positive space).

Good luck with all the Valentine's Day cards.  Hope this helps.


  1. SOOO CUTE! BTW: I got those hearts at a TJ max clearence last month!!! I LOVE Them too!

  2. We do this with a pencil. Cut a slit to slip it through (does often need tape too). We put the
    To: and From: on the back and decorate the front. I have never bought valentine's - the kids always make them.