An Easy Valentine's Treat

This is a super easy way to make Valentine's Day cupcakes.  All you'll need is a heart shaped cookie cutter & colored sugar or sprinkles.
First make your desired flavor of cupcakes & frosting.  I like how chocolate cake looks with red & pink so I chose it.  I would suggest using white frosting because it makes the color sugar/sprinkles pop.  But you can get creative.  Heavily frost the cupcakes.  Then set the cookie cutter on top & lightly press down.
Next pour in a bit of sprinkles/colored sugar.  You don't need to fill the whole thing up, just enough to coat the space inside the cookie cutter.
Gently holding the cookie cutter in place swirl the sprinkles around until the entire space is coated.
Continue holding the cookie cutter in place & pour out the excess sprinkles.
Remove the cookie cutter and viola, the heart shape is there.  You can use all kinds of shapes & colors.  Whatever floats your boat.  This is super easy, but looks like you took all day to make them... you supreme baker you!

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