Satellite Virgin

Since living at my parents house on our family ranch I have been introduced to the world of satellite TV.  Of course I've encountered this phenomenon at hotels or visiting family; but I've never lived with it.  Therefore I've experimented with many new shows.  Over the next few days I'm going to share some of my favs with you.
Let's start w/ HGTV's show Sarah's House.  I dig this show, a lot.  The premise is that this designer, Sarah, buys old houses and fixes them up (generally cottages or farm houses).  Every season is a new house. First of all it's always been my dream to find an old farm house and spruce it up, so the show hooks me right there.  Secondly, I love this lady's style.  She blends shabby chic/farmhouse with contemporary- beautiful.
The host is pleasant enough.  She's Canadian, so I catch myself listening to her accent a lot.  Almost every episode the contractor gets something up like a wall, tile or chimney and has to tear it down at her request (poor guy).
She also spends an exorbitant amount of money that I can't even comprehend on bathtubs, fabric, & tile.  So I live vicariously through her interior design expenses.  Lastly, she has this funny little assistant guy Tommy who reminds me of a boy in our church.  So I watch him intently- hello bizzaro twin guy.
This show is a good source of decorating inspiration and ideas.  Even though she has a huge budget she still gets a lot of stuff from flea markets and antique shops- just my style.
I like getting fresh ideas for my someday fixer upper.  So, if you need a new show to get hooked on.  Or your house needs some decorating inspiration.  Or if you want to watch bizzaro twin guy to the guy at my church guy.  Then tune into Sarah's House on HGTV.

*check out more pixs on her Canadian HGTV website


  1. SO funny! I LOVE this show too! SO does Renee!

  2. I was able to watch some episodes on line the other night. I'm hooked!