Satellite Virgin Continued

For those of you who know me I'm sure this one is a shocker, but I'm hooked.  I watch The Bachelor, and I like it!  I got hooked on this back when we lived in our old house and didn't have satellite.  We had a whopping five channels to choose from.  With slim pickens' on shows my Monday night television watching was dedicated to The Bachelor (or Bachelorette).  I use to "phone watch" it with my sis-in-law Booba.  We'd text back and forth the whole show- "He needs to get rid of her."  "She's psycho!"  "I bet he picks her."  And ya want to know something else- my husband watches it with me (and so does Booba's husband).  We take bets on who will be proposed to at the end, and comment on who is crazy, over dramatic, hyper emotional, etc.  It's mindless TV at it's best and I love it!  When I watch this I'm truly veggin' out.
    The Bachelor- Brad Womack           My Bro- Gabriel Womack
I'm more interested in this season more than ever before because the Bachelor's last name is Womack, which is my maiden name.  He also hails from Texas and my Womack side of the family is from Oklahoma- not too far away.  So the chance that we're related is there.  Plus he's a twin, and I have twins.  And lastly, he oddly reminds me of my little brother Gabriel.  Does anyone else see this?

Now I know more of us are Bachelor fans than we'd like to admit.  If you watch it you've got to give a shout out in the comments post.  Let me know who else I can phone watch this with!


  1. I've never seen it....because we only have 4 channels of PBS. But, in a few weeks I'll have to check it out!! Is it sad that I'm excited to move simply because of TV?!

  2. Haha, thanks for "outing" me. ;) Yes, I watch it. I admit it and everytime I watch I think how lame it is. haha. Who do you think will win? I like the blonde girl with the daughter but I don't think he will end up picking her.

  3. I don't know who will win after last night. He should have ditched the dentist girl. She's super needy, emotional, & her family was a little over the top. I like the blonde girl with the daughter too, I hope he picks her. But ya never know!

  4. I'm voting for the Blonde with the sweet girl!!! YES, I watch it! I can't believe i'm admitting to that!(don't tell.....buck does too!)