Preach it Sista

I read the Pioneer Woman's blog today and couldn't help but laugh.  Laugh because I can totally relate with her. First read her blog entry for today here.  Now continue reading...

Amen Sister!  There are gloves everywhere here as well.  I especially despise it when they find their hay laden, dirt covered selves on the kitchen counter.
Part of my problem is my Dad's unsaitable desire & access to deer skinned gloves.  Do you think I need to call the "Hoarding: Buried Alive" folks?
Preach it!  The boots.  Oh, the boots.  How they consume every last inch of both entry ways of our house.  And in winter it all doubles with snow boots added on to the pile.   
I need to add one more thing.  Since we live in Montana.  Since it's been stinkin' cold this winter.  Since is never ending here (especially this year).  I need to add on the annoying amount of hats, scarves, & mittens that are trying to take over our abode.  This was my solution for my three oldest children, & even then the garments flood out of their bins.  Just another reason I can't wait for winter to end!

So whether you're on a cattle ranch down in Oklahoma with the Pioneer Woman, or on a horse ranch in the mountains of Montana the problems seem to be universal.  It's good to know one is not alone.

P.S. I will continue my wild adventures in the world of satellite television tomorrow.

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