Satellite Virgin- the Trilogy

I know, I know, but I just can't help myself.  This show sucks me in every time!  There are almost always empty beer cans used as some kind of decoration and the brides dress, if not entirely camo, has camo on it somewhere.  And though I generally find him annoying, Tom Arnold does a great job of hosting it.  I'm a country girl, so I've been expose to plenty a redneckisms; but this show never fails to surprise me.  Sometimes you can tell the couple beefs it up for the show.  But then you get those legit couples that are truly redneck.  Like the 40 year old bride who lost her teeth the day of the wedding and her Mom offered to let her borrow her's (don't worry, the wayward dentures were soon located).  So if you need a little redneck/hillbilly/white trash entertainment click on over to CMT's My Big Redneck Wedding- you won't be disappointed.
Thursdays have been TV night in our family for a while.  Josh & I record the NBC Thursday night line up and then watch it after the kids go to be.  The Office was always our favorite.  But now it has a new contender that may soon surpass it in my book.  Parks and Recreation is super funny.  All the characters are so unique & the actors are awesome.  Plus Rob Lowe is in it, and ever since Wayne's World Ive thought he is so handsome, "Hi Rob".  Anywho... this is the show I look forward to on Thursdays now.  The scenarios are classic, and truly the character development is one of the best since the office.  Check it out, I promise you'll laugh.

I heart Throwndown With Bobby Flay.  In fact I think I heart Bobby Flay, or his cooking at least.  Once in New York I went to one of his restaurants (that has since closed down) and had this lamb shank that I swear I can still taste.  You know something's good when ten years later you still taste it.  The premise of the show is Bobby finds a cook that is known (at least in their area) for a good dish.  It could be Philly cheesestakes, chicken fried steak, apple brown betty- whatever.  So Bobby secretly tries to make the same dish only better.  Then the Food Channel sets up a pretend cooking class or taping for the locally famous cook.  While this poor person (so nervous already I'm sure) is trying to display their talents for their famous dish Bobby pops up and challenges them to a "throwdown".  The two cooks go at it making the same dish & then a non-bias panel of judges from that area blindly tastes both dishes & decides the winner.  This show grabs me in every time.  First I like watching Bobby cook.  Second I learn new methods and recipes to make dishes.  Third I like how his competition isn't famous people.  He'll find Joe Shmo from Nowhere, Texas who can make amazing biscuits and challenge him.  I love that it gives real cooks, in real life a chance to get recognized.  Fourth, look at the stinkin' graphic for his show, it's so cool!  I'll watch it just because of the graphic (I'm very aesthetically persuaded).  Plus, it's always fun to see who wins.  Good job at a great show Bobby.  Now please send me some of your lamb shank with rozoto as made in your Bolo restaurant... please!

Hope all my well informed and professional TV reviews helped ya'll.  I know you really needed my opinion about this matter.  If there's a great show that I didn't mention that I should have shout it out in the comments section below.  Happy veggin' out.


  1. Beau and I both like throwdown and surprisingly most shows on the food. Its a channel we can both agree on. Some of our other favorites you will have to check out if you haven't already are: Hoarders, and Toddlers and Tiarras on TLC (Both of those Beau won't watch), but We do both like Intervention on A and E.

  2. I've stooped to pathetic! We can't get abc right now due to damaged transmitter.....won't be back up for a few weeks! WHAT HAPPENED on the BACHELOR LIGHT NIGHT???????????

  3. Stink! We'll he got rid of Ashley, which he should have done a long time ago. They were in South Africa & had the fantasy suite thing (which is always a little weird if you ask me). All the girls said yes to the fantasy suite, but Emily said she didn't want any funny business. Just a chance to hang out in private. Ashley's date was real awkward & they kind of fought a little. So she's gone. Next week is the "women tell all" show & then the week after is the finale. You can always watch it online as well. But I'm happy to keep you posted :)