Movie Review: True Grit

Last night my honey & I got to go to a movie & dinner (in that order, I love late night dinners... makes me feel real cosmopolitan).  We went & saw True Grit, and I loved it!  Never mind that I'm a complete sucker for westerns- this movie was great.  I highly recommend it, but don't take your youngins because it still is a western & people need to die in westerns.  Especially bad guys, lots of bad guys have to die in a good western.
Now I am a big fan of the original True Grit starring John Wayne as well.  So I suggest you see both.  Other than having the same story line it is like watching two different movies.  The old one is a great 1960's western with classic John Wayne swagger & line delivery.  The new one is written by the Coen Brothers & has great one liners & dark humor (I have to say I laughed a lot at not generally so laughable situations) and all the actors were amazing- especially Matt Damon, he's handsome & a stinkin' good actor.  So take a night to sit in & curl up with a good western done two different ways... you won't be sorry.

Now I feel compelled to read the book.  But I'm currently reading a book & I'm a quarter of the way through & it's taken me 3 months to get there.  So I'll let you know how reading True Grit goes, but don't hold your breath.


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