Do, do, do Looking Out My Back Door... & the Front Door Too

This was the view out my back door this morning.  See the green little UFO?  I always knew we weren't the only ones in space!  Just kidding, there was just a spec of moisture on my lens... this is not where I'm going with this.

Anyway... Full moon nights are amazing in the country.  Nothing like in town where nights are always lit up.  Normally in the country when the sun goes down you are engulfed in darkness.  You can't see past the 30 foot range of the porch lights.  But when there's a full moon you can see everything; the mountains, every tree, any critter that scurrying along.  It's a whole different world when there's a full moon out here.  It's an experience I wish everyone could have.

Well then I turned around & looked out the front door & saw this.

It was awesome to see these two different sides of the world at once.

I'm so happy that it's starting to get light before 8:30am, makes getting up a little easier.


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