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 Today I'm featuring the work of my friend Jami from Scrappy Chic.  She does amazing shabby sheek projects in almost any form.  I love so many of her ideas, you must check out her blog.

One of my favorite items that Jami does are these pre-made scrap books.  This is one I got for my preggo sis-in-law.  At the time the sex & name of the baby, so this one is generic.  Still so cute!
She makes these one out of paper lunch bags.  So adorable.

 The lunch bag pages make for these great little pockets to hold keepsakes & memories.
 She even fills the pockets with these cute little cards for you to write down thoughts, memories, etc.
This is how the pages look, all you need to do is add the pictures.  Perfect for the time-crunched & scrap book challenged like me.
I had her make this one for my son JoJo- notice the initials.
Here's what it can look like with the pictures inserted.
Here's the book I got for my daughter Danica.
This kind is a little bigger & is made out of cardstock rather than paper bags.
At the back is that cute pocket stuffed with memory/milestone cards.  So pretty & girlie.  These pre-made scrapbooks are the perfect baby shower gift.
Here is some other stuff I've had Jami make for me.  My awesomely huge & cute recipe box.  A perfect Mother's Day gift.
My calendar.  Love this because I don't mind having it on the wall in my kitchen.  It's not embarrassing like the free ones you get from the farm equipment guys.  Plus, I ordered it in September & had her make it from then through 2011- so custom.
I love that it has the general colors & idea for that month, but not the generic iconic symbols that most calendars have.  These would make great birthday gifts.
scrappy chic
So, if you need a little gift for someone (yourself included) or you want some home decor inspiration check out Jami's blog for some ideas or to contact her for custom made items.

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