Bathroom Decor

We all do it, take the little free soaps from the hotel.  What the heck, they're free, might as well nab them!  While you and I will bring home just the soaps provided in the bathroom my my Dad will bring home a bag full.  He's addictive to hotel toiletries.  He even will track down the maid in the hallway & ask here for a bunch of shampoos & soaps.  He doesn't need it, or even really use it, but he likes free stuff.

Therefore, here at the ranch we have bucket fulls (I'm not exaggerating) of hotel toiletries from around the U.S.A.  Being the resourceful gal I am I put these free soaps to use.

All you need to perk up your bathroom is a bunch of free soaps & a glass jar.  I like the pure look of this one.  It's so clean & country.  I used an old pickle jar for this one, 100% free decor.

Just changing the hue of the soap changes the feel.  This one is much stronger & earthy.

And this one has a great spa like feel.  I love spa like bathrooms, makes me feel clean & luxurious.

So grab all those little extra soaps you've got piled up & stick them into a glass jar.  You'll perk up your bathroom & put those freebies to work.

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