The Middle

Last Spring I discovered this show on ABC called The Middle.  The first episode I saw was the Mother's Day episode & I laughed out loud the whole time- because it is so true (you'll have to see it to believe it)!
The show is about an average, middle class family from Indiana.  But the fun part is that it is narrated by the mom, so it has that wonderful motherly perspective about kids, her husband, job, & life.  Some of my favorite lines (as best I remember them) are:
"Your confusing Mother's Day with Father's Day.  Father's Day is great because a mom is running it."

"I eat at the counter standing up.  I've been reading the same magazine article for a week.  No on wants this vacation more than I do!"

This show to me is more realistic look at motherly life than those "Housewives of Beverly Hill/Alanta/New York etc" (they aren't even really house wives anyway).  It's a fun look into daily  life that I know any mom can relate to & hopefully it will bring out the humorous side of those "annoying" daily moments we have.  If nothing else you'll get to sit & watch TV & laugh a bit.  The Middle airs on Wednesday nights.  You can also watch it online or rent the first season from Hastings.  Make sure you watch the Mother's Day episode from the first season, you'll be rolling!

Has anyone else seen this show or love it like I do?  In my heart it has take the place of The Office (Sorry Michael).  Maybe I'll host The Middle moms party in the near future.

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