Lunch Hour

A while back (when we still lived in town) my husband came home for lunch.  I had planned to make him a sandwich but was too busy feeding kids & getting them down for a nap when he arrived.  He couldn't wait any longer so he decided to make his own sandwich.  And this is what he did...

No, your're seeing it right folks!  Turkey, Little Smokies & American cheese sandwiched between two bagel thins.

 I'm not squeamish, but when he ate it I gaged a little.  Then I thought, maybe I should be packing him a lunch on a daily basis.  If this is the result of him fending for himself maybe I really should intervene.  There's not even any mayo or mustard on that thing, much less veggies.  And Little Smokies, come on!

So what do you do?  Do you pack your husband a homemade lunch everyday?  Or does he walk out the door with a few bucks that he'll spend at Taco Bell for his rations?  How about your kids, what do they do?  No spouse or kids- what's your lunch time routine?  I'm curious what ya'll do for lunch so let me know in the comments section below.

Happy lunch hour!


  1. Sick. That guy can make some gross sandwiches!!

    Jesse used to always take leftovers. When he went back to school I packed him a lunch for 2 years. I decided to let him take over those duties when he started his new job. However, now that we are in tax season and he is looking at 80 hour weeks....and now packing lunch and dinner, I'm going to start doing that for him again. I figure it's the least I can do for him with these horrendous hours!

  2. Well, I'm not super mom, nor am I super wife,and since I'm doing good to get myself out the door on time, everyone is pretty much on their own. The kids pack their own lunches everyday, usually a sandwich, a fruit, and a quick snack like a granola bar or cheese stick. There are almost always plenty of leftovers for Jon to take, but he usually forgets and either works through lunch (most days) or grabs Wendy's (Double Stack and a soda). Sometimes I get inspired and will make a week's worth of sandwiches for the kids and put them in the freezer, then all they have to do is assemble the lunch in the morning, but it doesn't happen very often. This is one area I'm hoping to improve upon this coming year!!