Tea Time

I haven't blogged for a few days.  I've literally been buried in laundry.  I ignored the dirty clothes baskets for ten days & it caught up with me.  Now, twelve loads of laundry (and counting... I think I only have two more left) I have a little time to blog.
I'm not much of a coffee drinker.  I like the stuff, but I don't drink it all day long.  Some of my girlfriends have gotten me into coffee with cream, so I've been having that more often.  However, I would by no means call myself a coffee drinker.  But tea... I really like tea.  In the cold weather I love a steaming hot mug of tea with honey.  In the hot months I could drink ice tea by the gallons.  Unsweetened of course (sorry you Southern folk), just pure tea, nothing added.  A friend of mine once brought me back some of tea by Tea Pigs and all the varieties were very good.  I fell in love with their "Spiced Winter Red Tea".  I don't know if it's the color (I'm very aesthetic) or if it's the flavor, but I love red teas.  This one is by far my favorite of all the red teas I've tasted.
Plus they come in the better for brewing triangle bags.  And these are no paper tea bags, that ruins the flavor.  These are little mesh bags that make for the yummiest tea around. Tea Pigs tea is not sold in the states yet, but you could head over to Slovenia & buy it.  Or you can order it online HERE.  Or better yet, do what I do, & anytime someone you know goes over to the UK have them bring some home for you.

On the Tea pigs website there is a spot to enter in what kind of mode you're in & they will pick the perfect tea for you.  It's fun to try, & you'll be amazed at how many different kinds of tea there is.  When you order though, make sure you get a box of the "Spiced Winter Red Tea", their Chamomile is also wonderful.  Happy brewing!

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  1. I am an avid tea drinker too! One of my favorites is a ginger peach that my mom got for me from CA. Super yummy! We should do tea and scones sometime and let the kiddos play.