Brainstorming Session: Part Deux

Thank you all for your wonderful ideas for this Easter dress.  After reading them, digging around in boxes for materials, & considering my "extra" time each day this is what I came up with.  I just did a simple hand stitch to get the satin pink material on, so it will be very easy to remove.
But here is where I need some help.  Do I just leave it like this?
Or do I add just a little embellishment?
Or a tinge more of embellishment?  This is actually a hair clip!  It's hard to see but the middle of the flowers are little rhinestones. 

What do you think?  Which of these three ideas do you prefer?  If you have an idea that you think will work better let me know.  Also, how do I accessorize this dress?  I have a small pink bead bracelet to go along.  But should I do tights or socks?  What color?  What color shoes?  How about in the hair (my daughter has short hair so it has to be fairly simple).  I love getting your suggestions.  I'm having a bit of a creative block with this project so all feedback is more than welcomed.


  1. Jess,

    I like the bottom one best...looks very cute.
    About tights/socks...I prefer the book of those real cute little socks with the lace trim that folds down...and I think I would do white...
    As far as hair goes, I am a TOTAL hair dork, so I am no help there, but maybe you could try going here: and browsing around for just the right thing...I love how she steps you through the hairstyle...I haven't been here in a long time...think I will look around again!
    As far as accessories go, I would probably just do a bracelet...maybe a purse...maybe gloves...with my daughter, I find that they get taken off sooner than I think they will...gloves would be SO SWEET THOUGH!

  2. ohhhh....add the flowers on the bow for sure!!!