Growing Project

One activity I love doing with my kiddos is planting.  It's always fun for them to dig in the dirt & watch the miracle of growing seeds.  I love it because gardening is one of my favorite hobbies.  Since Spring has been slow coming here in the Rockies we decided to do an indoor planting project.  I bought a different kind of flower for each child & helped them individually plant their seeds.
We set the plants in a sunny window & use glasses or cut the tops off plastic bottles to create a green house effect.  The sprouts shoot up within a couple days (depending on germination time).  The kids get so excited when they see a little green popping up through the dirt.  It is their responsibility to gently water their seedlings each day & remove the cover for a few hours in the afternoon so mold doesn't begin growing.  This is a creative & fun way to instill responsibility into the little ones.  It also teaches them about plants & growing.  My kiddos love seeing how the different kinds of seeds grow & look.  When the weather gets warm enough we will transplant the flowers into the garden so they can watch them grow into full bloom.

Fun, simple, quick & educational.  I like that.

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