Pay It Forward

Today I want to give you an opportunity to help out a brave set of parents.  I was given the link to this site via a comment on my blog.  This is a pretty cool idea & for a great cause.  You buy a raffle ticket (or a couple) & get enter to win this sweet camera (trust me, this is a SWEET camera).  In turn money is raised for this family to adopt a sweet little boy named Noah.  But this is no run of the mill adoption (even though all adoption is great, there is nothing more wonderful than giving a child a family & home).  This family is adopting from a foundation called Reese's Rainbow which is an international ministry for down syndrome orphans.  I do not know the Silva family at all (but they do live where my Dad grew up & most of my relatives reside... so go Lake Stevens! And Arlington, and Marysville, and Savanah... I have too many relatives.), but I think what they are doing is incredibly brave & compassionate.  I pray that they get all the funds they need quickly & easily so they can bring this little boy home.  Check it out & if you can buy a raffle ticket please do.  If not, help pass the word around by posting/Facebooking/emailing this link.  Above all, just your support & prayers would mean the world to them.
Tune in tomorrow to see the update on the Easter dress... I'll need some more input.


  1. Jess,
    What a beautiful Post...thank you so much! I know my friend really appreciates your help!

  2. Thank you so much for helping us with Noah's adoption!!! When you end up in this area please look us up :)