Spring Mornings on the Ranch

Although, winter is taking it's own sweet time to leave (in fact it snowed again last night).  There are still signs that spring is here, or at least trying to get here.  Much of this evidence occurs in the early morning hours.
First the sunrises are filled with warmer colors than they are in the winter.  (Art 101: warm colors= red, yellow, orange.  cool colors= blue, purple, green.)  And they happen earlier & more quickly, way to go Spring!
See what I mean?  This is a winter sunrise, there is a lot more blue & purple in the skies.
And this is a Spring sunrise, much more yellow & orange.  Do you see it?  Or do I have cabin fever?  I've been on this land my whole life, so I notice the little changes here... or I'm totally losing it... it's a toss-up.
Despite the falling snow, I also know it's Spring because our friends the turkeys are back.  They showed up last night looking for grain, a sure sign that it's Spring... or I'm totally losing it... still a toss-up.
Also, the birds are chirping in the morning.  I love it when the little song birds return to sing me awake in the early hours.  I set out bird feeders & watch them flutter around all day nibbling on seed & chasing each other. Not to mention the Robins have arrived, which means there's no going back to winter... I hope!

Once a Buttercup pops through the earth I will dance for joy.  For then I know warm weather is truly on it's way.  But for now I'm content for the small changes that are assuring of a new season. 

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