Don't Let the Door Hit You on the Way Out

About a month ago it snowed about eight inches overnight.  It was the kind of snow that covers the trees perfectly & everything looks smooth & soft.
It was so pretty that I went out with my camera early in the morning to capture the beauty.
I wanted to get some shots before the sun or kiddos ruined the soft white serenity.
It also was getting late enough in the winter that I thought "this will be the last big snowfall we get...
... From here on out we will just get little dustings & the sun will melt most of the pretty white stuff away...
... The ground will have snow on it, but it will be dirty melted snow.  So I better capture this moment now.  A sort of farewell to winter."
Boy was I WAY off!  We have gotten so much snow since then.  The other week we got one foot overnight.  I swear winter will not stop here, it's just going to bleed into next winter.  I'm so ready for Spring!  I'm tired of shoveling, feeding horses, & snow boots.  It's time for bare ground & warm air.  So Winter, I love you & mean this with the best of intentions, but it is time for you to go now.

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