Missing the Sunrise

Last year when we lived on the ranch there were many things that I didn't care for this time of year.  For instance, feeding livestock in twenty degrees below zero weather.  Or having to open three gates just to get out of our "driveway".  But one thing that I greatly miss are the sunrises.
Our old ranch house faced east & every morning a beautiful sunrise would pop over the mountains.  This always made getting my day started a little bit easier.
Now I live in the mountains close to town.  We do not have sunrises.  It just starts to get brighter & around noon  the sun is visible.
And while I feel extremely blessed to have our new home, I miss my dose of morning sunrise.
Something about a sunrise give you a feeling of newness.  & you think "Yeah, this is a new day.  Come on, let's get going!"
A sunrise will put you beyond yourself & make you think about how big, beautiful, & amazing this world is, & how wonderful of a Creator we have.  It will ground you & make you think about what's important.
A sunrise will stop you in your tracks & make you take a big deep breath & enjoy life.   I miss my sunrises.
Which is why I have one of these photos as my desktop image.  My computer is right by the kitchen, the room where I start my day by feeding, fixing my kiddos hair & getting them ready for school.  So I see it first thing in the morning, gives my day a jump start.  Feel free to grab one of these photos & do the same.  It will make your morning brighter.

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  1. Wow, how beautiful! It's so great to stop and take a moment to appreciate gifts like these beautiful sunrises! Thanks for sharing! :)