A Few Of My Favorite Things

Here are a few things that I absolutely adore right now...

Lightweight v-neck tees from Old Navy.  I discovered these t-shirts this past summer & I love 'em.  I bought a bunch of different colors & I wear them all the time.  They are so comfy, not too tight on the tummy, & look cute.  Perfect.
Cuties.  Have you had these amazing little oranges yet?  They are the perfect size, super yummy, & easy to peel.  So easy, in fact, that my three year old can do it.  I've found myself buying a bag of these each time I'm at Costco.  They are a perfect little snack.
Mini Vaseline container.  I found this at Target & just had to have it.  Winter up here in the Mountains can really do a number on your lips.  I have a standard size Vaseline container that I keep hidden in my desk drawer because let's face it, they're unsightly & make me look like a grandma.  But this cute little Vaseline I can stick on the windowsill above my kitchen sink & it looks just fine.  Plus is easy to access to moisturize my lips or smear on my kiddos chapped cheeks.  Thank you Vaseline for making your cute little container so I don't have to look like a grandma.  (& now I feel the uncontrollable need to put some on my lips.)
Stackable mugs from Pier One.  My friend got me these for my past birthday.  I love how little space they use & that I can just stick this whole set by my coffee maker & it looks good.  The mugs are a great shape as well.  I'm a big believer in a mug not only looking good but being comfortable to hold.  They have to fit just right in your hand if ya' know what I mean.  These mugs are great.
While we're on the topic of caffeinated beverages, may I just say that I am totally addicted to peppermint mochas.  My sis-in-law surprised me with one earlier this winter & I've been hooked ever since.  This is a big step for me because I almost religiously drink iced mochas (no matter how cold it is outside I order a iced mocha light on the chocolate).  So for me to love a hot mocha this much is a milestone.  I also have to say, I've tried these at various places & so far Starbucks does the best job.  For me to say that is another big step.  Crucify me if you like, but I'm not a huge fan of Starbucks.  I think they are overpriced and a little snobby.  I generally try to hit local coffee shops.  But I'll give credit where credit is due, Starbucks makes the best peppermint mochas.
This is our kitty Zamies (if you can name that movie in the comments section below I will buy you a coffee, scouts honor).  Josh got me Zamies out of the "to giveaways" as a mouser.  It was when we were first married & living out on the ranch.  The little farmhouse we were in had a colony of pocket gophers in the front yard & mice in the crawl space.  So Zamies was our exterminator, and she proved to be a good one.  Beyond mice & pocket gophers Zamies has "taken care of" wiesles, pack rats, & gophers.  When we moved into town we left our kitty at the ranch because she just wasn't a town kind of cat.  She mostly lives outside & sleeps in the tack room.  She is the best barn cat ever because she's not mean & loves to cuddle, yet she's tough & a survivor.  We brought Zamies into town with us a couple weeks ago for some r & r.  She has spent the last two weeks eating well, sleeping on the couch & enjoying the warm fire.  It's nice to have a pet around & she's still sweet as can be.  Towards the end of the month we'll return her to her stopping grounds at the ranch, but for now she's living large & being an indoor cat.
I always paint my toenails, always.  I'm generally a red or French pedicure kind of girl, but this pas week while I was sick I decided to try something different.  I have a big bin of polish because my daughters love to paint their toes, my Mom also gives them polish whenever they ask, and because I have this habit of buying pretty colors of polish & then never really using them.

Well, this is a color that my Mom gave them & I love it.  I wish I would have discovered it this Fall because it is the perfect Autumn color.  It's pretty & sparkly, what more could you want.

I'm not in habit of taking pictures of my feet & sharing them with the world, but I wanted you to see the beauty of this color.  Plus getting this shot gave my hamstrings a good stretch.

These locally made earrings from Tailfeathers are some of my favorite ear wear yet.  I've gotten both of these pairs from friends & I love them.  They are unique & adorable.  You can buy them on Etsy, or if you live in the Missoula area just email the owner & she'll let you swing by her house where she has a huge selection & better prices.  Yay for cute jewelry.
I can't live without my knee-high socks.  I know it's a little nerdy, but I need my tall socks.  Mostly because I wear cowboy boots a lot & I don't like the feel of the boots against my skin (especially in hot weather).  So I use my beloved knee-high socks to create a barrier between my shins & my boots.  It was a good day when Target started carrying knee-highs in their "cheap socks bin" (as I call it) & in super cute prints.  It may be a little 1970's, but I got to have me some knee-high socks.

Well, now ya' know what I like.  Not that you really need that knowledge, but maybe you saw something you like too.  Anyway, I've got to go make some  mac & cheese for my monkeys before they riot.  Ten four.

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