I think this should be the new official spelling of said word "pumpkin".  We all say it the other way anyhow.  But last I checked Merian-Webster wasn't asking me.  Let's move on.  Don't you just love a season where you can decorate with vegetables & dead foliage... & it looks good.
I love buying tons of pumpkins & gords at a local farm that sits right in town.  I love it for a couple reasons.  First of all I've been going to this farm for produce & pumpkins since I can remember.  & now I take my kids there.
Secondly, I love how this family farm has been in the same spot since the 50's (I think) & the town just had to deal & build up around it.  I love that you drive down the busiest street in our town & you go buy corn fields & pumpkin patches.  I love that this family has sustained their farm & is making a living at it.  Go farmers & ranchers!
Lastly, I love that I found these stinkin' cute mini white pumpkins there this year.  I immediately snatched them up & took them home.
Look how tiny they are.  & the fact that their white makes me so happy.  I don't know why, it just does.
Here they are working their magic.  If I had more money I would buy bucket fulls of these little guys & put them everywhere.

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  1. That's funny because that is how I say Pumpkin and Beau makes fun of me. PUNKIN. PUNKIN. PUNKIN. I love it!!