Favorite Spot (today anyway)

I'm in the midst of unpacking & decorating our new house& often find myself frustrated.  I'll get an area picked up & looking good only to have it drowned by a pile of boxes & bubble wrap thirty minutes later.  I'll dig through & deplete one pile only to find another pile around the corner waiting to be unpacked.  Needless to say not one part of my house is completely finished... close, but not completely.
That's why I love this spot.  It's a small spot in front of a set of sliders that act as our front door, because our front door is in a really weird spot.  Since it's in front of a door no piles can accumulate there.  This is the only place in my house that always looks nice.  It's got minimal furnishings, so it's hard to trash.  The sun shines through the windows most of the day.  The big Oregon grape bushes right outside are covered in berries & look delightful.  I love how the rug & curtains compliment each other.  I dig how the chair I found at a garage sale years ago contrast with the curtains.  This spot is right by my desk & kitchen so I look at it often.  Many times during the day it is the constant that keeps me sane.  Thank you little spot for always looking so lovely.

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