Candy Displays

Since today is pretty much dedicated to candy.  & since I will be pillaging my kiddos candy bags at about 9:30pm tonight, I thought I would dedicated today's post to candy.  I saw this cute idea on farm chicks the other week.  I had all the elements at my house so I gave 'er a go.
Super easy, just super glue paper plates & little pumpkins together.  BTW, have you been introduced to GEL super glue?!  It's amazing because it doesn't run & I don't glue my index finger & my thumb together on accident.
I used a dinner plate for the bottom & a dessert plate for the top.  I doubled the plates up for strength & glued them together first.  Then I glued them to the pumpkins starting from the bottom up.  I had a large, medium & small pumpkin that ascended upwards from big to small.
And voila!  I adorned them with candy & my display was completed.
On the top plate I have these cute cookies from Trader Joe's.  They're called JoeJoes & are like an Oreo with orange filling.  But each one has a different cute Jack-o-lantern face.
For my second display I simply filled up some little silver pieces I have.
I generally I'm not sure what to do with these mismatched containers, but this candy thing really worked out.  I also left them tarnished because I thought it added to the whole Fall feel (I don't know why, it just does).
Enjoy your Halloween & eats lots of candy!

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