I Heart Craigslist

Since moving in I've been filtering through our stuff.  I had already gone through it when we packed it, but somehow I had not purged enough stuff then.  Now that we are settling in & are planning on being in this house for a long time I am getting rid of what we do not need.  Which happens to be a lot of stuff... notice how many times I said stuff in the last few sentences, yeesh, I'm so sick of stuff.  We had a garage sale & got rid of a few things, but not enough.  That's when I started using Craigslist for the first time.  It's so easy & I've made a good chunk of change in the last 3 weeks.  So far I've sold
 a chandelier
 a twin bed
 a vanity sink
 a computer hutch & chair
 a lightweight stoller
 a double stroller (Don't worry, we haven't decided if we're done having kids.  but I figure if I ever need a double stroller again then a stroller will be the least of my worries.)
 an end table
a trike.  And I'm still going strong.  I love getting rid of stuff.  I love it more when people come to my house & take it away.  I love it best when those people give me money for the stuff.  I heart Craigslist.

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