Roy Rodgers

One thing I love is flavored sodas, like real flavored sodas.  Not the canned stuff, but rather the kind that are mixed by hand with flavored syrups.  I can guzzle down a green river or chocolate soda any day.  One of my favorites is flavored good ol' Coca Cola.  When I was a kid my Mom use to take me to a soda shop in the town she grew up in to get flavored Cokes.  While I really like chocolate Coke, my favorite was always cherry Coke, otherwise known as a Roy Rodgers.
What's great about cherry Coke is that it only requires three ingredients.  And those two ingredients can be found in your neighborhood grocery store.  All you need is...
1 tablespoon Grenadine Syrup
12 ounces of Coca Cola
Pour syrup into a large glass.  Add Coca Cola & stir until incorporated with syrup.  Add plenty of ice & drink immediately.  Enjoy your authentic Roy Rodgers/Cherry Coke!

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