Homemade Fun

During the Summer I'm always looking for fun & new projects for my kiddos.  Things that use creativity are often on the docket.  While in Target a few weeks ago I found these make at home bouncy balls.  And if there's one thing my monkeys love it's bouncy balls.
The kit was only $5 & requires very simple steps.  The only thing you need to provide is room temperature water & guidance 
This project was perfect for my three & six year olds because it had fairly quick results.  Only about 15 minutes from start to finish.  And afterwards they could play with what they made.  It's very hands on & is a good mixture of science & art.
Another bonus is that the balls really bounced & held up.  We made one big ball & two of the little astrix looking balls.  Plus we have enough left to make another big ball or two smaller balls.  Well worth your money & a fun project to do with you kids.  I may have even bounced the balls a few times myself.

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