Now is the time to start sowing your seeds indoors for your garden.  Up here in the north country it is anyway... where it's still cold...where we're still wearing our winter coats... where it snowed the past 4 days.  In warmer climates you can just sow in the ground.  But where it's chilly & there is a short growing season it is best to start your seedlings in doors.
This indoor head start for your plants is great for their growth, but often not very attractive for your home decor. I saw this idea in one of my magazines.  Egg shells are easy enough to come by, but I thought I would never be able to afford the cute glass egg carton.  I was proven wrong when I came upon this one at Ross Dress For Less.  And it was less, only $3.  I snatch it up & started my indoor herb garden in it.  It's so sweet, & country, & Springy and looks good on the kitchen counter where it can soak up soft sunlight.

Once the seedlings are big enough to transplant simply break the shells up a bit & plant the whole thing.  The roots will remain stress free & the shells provide great nutrients to help you plants grow.  Happy planting!

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