Spring, Welcome to the Rockies

I think I can officially say that Spring is here!
We have actually had warm weather & sunny days.  And NO snow... finally!
Flowers are blooming, a sure sign of Spring.
Trees are finally blossoming & getting leaves.
Deer are scampering all over the place nibbling on green grass.  This particular deer seems to be yelling at someone, he's probably sick of me taking pictures of him.  But the best sign that it's Spring is babies!
Not from me (don't even think it), but from our horses.  This little guy was born yesterday.
Baby colts are one of my most favorite things in the world.
This one is especially sweet.  I got to be the first person to handle him, I love that.  This is the only time in a horses life that you can stick your fingers in their mouths without getting your digits chomped off.  Just like a human baby a horse baby will suck on your fingers.  Don't ask me why, but I love doing this.  (sidenote: these are not my hands, they're my father's)
I love colt tails, they are so stinkin' cute!  The first few days of a colt's life we spend as much time petting them, picking up their feet, & sticking our fingers in their mouth as we can.  
This is called imprinting, & it makes a horse very easy to train & break out if you do this starting the first day of their lives.  When we go to breakout (ride for the first time) our horses they rarely even buck because we imprint them from day one.  Plus who doesn't want to pet a baby horse.  After all this he gets a little tuckered out.
And lays down for a snooze... so sweet... now his mama gets a break.  I'm so happy Spring is here!

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  1. I am glad you clarified that you are not pregnant and do not have thick man hands. I feel very relieved. ps. Hooray for Spring!