Mother's Day Thoughts

It's quickly approaching.  Mother's Day is almost here.  And as a most Mom's know, nobody really prepares for Mother's Day.  It's the same day every year, but somehow husbands & children always seem shock when it arrives.  They quickly dig through the art cabinet to scribble out a card, make a mad dash to the drug store for a gift, & try to quickly whip up a breakfast.
It's always interesting to see how my husband will guide my four small children through this holiday.  Unless I've really pressed the issue nothing is planned out.  Since my husband is a pastor, Sundays are busy for us already & they don't change for Mother's Day.  My Mother's Day usually begins with me waking up at 6am & for the next few hours scrambling to get all my kids fed & ready for church.  Then church, which for me is rarely relaxing (but always fulfilling), until we live around 1pm.  After which we will most likely drive to 4 or 5 restaurants (because no reservations had been made) before finding one that can seat us before the next century.  By this time I'm completely exhausted. We'll head home where I'll finally get to put on my sweats, & then make dinner, & then tuck kids into bed, & then sit down & watch Sister Wives (which will most likely be the highlight of my day).
Because Mom's Day usually turns out to be too busy to celebrate what it's actually suppose to be celebrating I have started doing something new.  I celebrate Mother's Day either the day before or the day after.  That means I actually get a day to relax... sit home all day if I want.  This year because the actual holiday is busy for both me & my Mom we are doing dinner tonight at a restaurant close by that is casual so I don't have to dress up my children or worry too much about their table manners.  It's funny, but if a mom wants a good Mother's day she has to plan it herself- but it's worth it.  If you celebrate on another day you may luck out & get 2 days of special treatment.
If you are a husband or child reading this here is my advice to you.  Plan today what you are going to do for your mom on Mother's Day.  Do not buy her an inflatable bathtub pillow as her only gift.  You plan the day, don't ask your Mom to plan it.  Give your mom lots of hugs & kisses.  Clean the house (the way your mom would), fold the laundry (the way your mom would), celebrate Mother's Day (the way your Mom would celebrate your birthday, or Father's Day).  Do these few things & I guarantee that Mother's Day will be a success.  You don't have to spend a lot of money, just plan ahead.
Above all, moms remember to give yourself a day off.  And if you are blessed to have your mother around shower her with the same love & affection you would like to receive from your family.  We all learn by example best.

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