Things That Make You Go Hmmm...

The other day while searching for some vintage Thanksgiving Day images.  I came upon a bunch vintage Thanksgiving card.  Some of them were, well, bizarre.  The illustrations are so... um... creative.  I was laughing & saying "what in the world" a lot.  What makes these even funnier is the fact that they were done in all seriousness & that people actually sent these to love ones as a honestly loving gesture.  Artists got to make a living somehow I guess.

I'm not getting the appeal of children & turkeys interacting.  Turkeys kind of always freaked me out when I was a kid.  
The last thing I ever wanted to do was ride a turkey...
...or run arm & arm with one.
Turkeys driving a corn car with lemon wheels.  Yep, that makes perfect sense!
Who in their right mind wants to envision the turkey they're about to eat smoking a cigar.  Somehow cigar smoke & turkey meat just don't mix well for me.

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