For The Kiddos

If your house is like mine while us mama's are busy getting dinner ready the kiddos are getting restless.  They need a little something to focus their attention on.  Here are some fun festive crafts for your busy dinner day.  Sure to keep little hands busy & easy enough that older children or men can help ;)
Turkey hats.  So cute & great for a range of ages.  Click here

My girls made a version of this in their class.  So cute.  Click here
We've also done the pine cone turkey using colored popsicle sticks as the tail & forming pipe cleaners as the legs & head.
This one is great for preschooler.  And who doesn't love using googly eyes!  Pretty self explanatory.  You'll need a paper lunch bag, dry pinto beans, construction paper, googly eyes, scissors & glue.   Fill the paper bag with some dry beans to give it weight.  Legs are crinkled by folding them accordion style.  Child's hand is traced to make the tail.  They could even write what they are thankful for on the "feathers".  A diamond shape folded in half makes the beak.  

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