They're Taunting Me

I'm a hunter.  I like to get out & kill me a deer &/or elk each year.  I usually go by myself.  I enjoy walking slowly & my own pace.  I love the cool crisp air & the quiet of the outdoors.  But I mostly like getting a buck (that's a male deer in case there's any confusion) & having meat.  Hunting is more than recreation for us, it's how we are able to eat red meat year around- it's the only way we can afford it.
Well, last year I didn't get a deer & my husband was too busy to hunt much, so he didn't get his elk.  So this year we need to get something.  I went out the other day & saw one deer & got nothing.  I think the word has gotten out on the deer social circuit & now they're taunting me.
This morning I had four different good size bucks in my yard.
Normally this would be a good thing, except I live on a game preserve.  That means no hunting.
This one (although not a buck) was even brazen enough to lay down by our archery target.  The target even has an arrow coming out of it.  Yah, they're definitely taunting me.

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