Busy Week

Sorry I haven't blogged in a while.  See, I had family in town.  Family from really far away.  Family that I love dearly & see sparingly.  So I was a little preoccupied.
Actually, a lot preoccupied because my beautiful sis-in-law brought her new baby girl.  This was the first time I got to meet her (& smell her, I love baby smell).  So every spare moment I was sitting on the couch holding her.
Or taking pictures of her & her cute chubby cheeks.  Which left little time for blogging.
Plus the weather finally got warm up here in the mountains.
Which meant there was a lot of time spent outside swimming...
... & posing cute chubby cheek babies in ridiculously cute settings...
... & working.  My bro-in-law loves coming here so he can work ;)
& of course we squeezed in some horse riding.  Unfortunately my other bro-in-law (not pictured) took a horse ride the first day he was here & had an accident which resulted in five of his ribs being broken.  So his vacation was a bit dampened.
We also took a day trip to a nearby town for some fun shopping & a stop at the amazing candy store.
Cousins got to spend time with each other...
... & we topped it off with yet more cute pictures of the sweetest chubby cheeked baby around.
I promise to post some yummy recipes soon.

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  1. She is so unbelievably CUTE! Glad you guys got to spend that time together! love the pictures!