Budget Remodel

I'm sprucing up the kitchen in the old ranch house.
Our ranch house is actually an old stage coach station for a small mining town from the 1800's.
It has been owned by a couple different ranchers & moved up the valley twice.
So, here is the original state of the kitchen when my family bought the place.
Somewhere along the line (in the 1960/1970's I'm guessing) someone decided to paint the cupboards yellow (a step up from the fire engine red the use to be, I only know this because the insides are still red) & wallpaper the kitchen.
Looks like the lick-able wallpaper on Willy Wonka & the Chocolate Factory (the old & best one, the one with Gene Wilder- irreplaceable).
I'm planning on spending $50 or less to make this place look a little cleaner & brighter.  I don't want to put too much into it because in the next 10 years my Mom is going to totally remodel it.  But for now we have white cupboards... a good step in the right direction.  I'll post the final look soon.

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