Laundry Find

With a husband, four kids, & living on a ranch I end up doing a lot of laundry.  And I mean A LOT!  I found these great baskets a while back & have absolutely fallen in love with them
They have three sections which is great for separating clothes.  I can use one basket & get three different people's clothes in them.  That means only one trip upstairs opposed to three... perfect.  Also, each section holds about one & a half loads of laundry.
I got two & put one upstairs & one downstairs.  Then I marked each section, whites, darks, colors.  So when my monkeys throw their dirty clothes in they can put it in the appropriate spot.  That means no sorting for me, which means a little more time to myself... and less time doing laundry, my least favorite chore.

These are a bit of an investment, but I think it's well worth it.  I have saved so much time & trips up and down the stairs. I found mine on the Land of Nod website.  Click here to buy one for yourself.  Happy laundering!

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