Easter Tree

It's officially Easter Season!  Thus the Easter Tree has been adorned on our dining room table.  I love Easter trees.  Their so clean & easy.  I always just snip a few branches from any flowering tree/bush & force them.  Then I decorate it with all these cute little ornaments that celebrate all things Spring & Easter.
And I throw a few drops of food coloring into the water to make some sort of pastel hue that speaks of Easter time.  Right now it's purple.  A few days ago it was turquoise.
I found my ornaments at craft & thrift stores.  I love how tiny they are.
If you were crafty & had the time you could even make your own ornaments to decorate your tree.  The best part is when the tree flowers, so pretty & sweet.  And it smells divine.  Once the buds pop out on this baby I'll do an update post.  Happy Easter!

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