Shoe Mama

Congrats to Deidrie, she gets to adopt the super cute red flats!

If you are interested in these great shoes in the comment section below tell me where your at with Christmas shopping.  Did you get all your gifts purchased in August or are you just now saying "dang it, I need to go Christmas shopping".

Deidrie said... Gosh I want those shoes! I am 1/3 of the way done. I didn't start till Black Friday. I may have picked up a few stocking stuffers prior to black friday, but I am way off my game this year. I am trying online shopping this year. Normally I am an oldschool shopper, by principle, but necessity ruled the day this year.

I hear ya girl!  When you live in the boonies going to the store is easier said than done.  I have done almost all my Christmas shopping on line this year, & I love it.  No stores, no cranky kids, no lines- it's great!  But I'm not much of a shopper in the first place.

Keep an eye out, I'm sure I'll have more shoes that I unsuccessfully try to squeeze my feet into in the near future.  Enjoy your shoes Deidrie!

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