Cooking with JoJo

This is my boy, my little Joshua.  But we call him JoJo

The other day I roped him into helping me with some baking since his sisters were at school.  He was really exited when I sat him in front of some chocolates.  Then I told him he really had to help me, like actually help me...

...not this kind of helping me!

Our task was making Peanut Butter Chocolate Thumb-print cookies.  And I needed all the Hershey kisses unwrapped; so that's what JoJo got to do.

Don't worry, he still managed to help me in his old school style & pop a few kisses in his mouth.

He was very particular about how he put them in the bowl.  I unwrapped some myself & tossed them in the bowl.  I was quickly scolded "No Mom, not like that!  Like this"  All the kisses had to be upright.

Now Son, doesn't it feel good to do a little hard work.  Rewarding isn't it.

Okay, here's the real reward, eating the fruits of your labor.  Can anyone say "Diet in 2011".

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