More Red Shoes

Lets start things off with a little gift giving.  As many of you know I do not wear my old shoe size (if you don't know this you can catch up with the story here).  The other day we took our family photo for our Christmas cards.  I got gussied up and put one of my favorite pairs of red shoes and of course THEY DON'T FIT!  I was so bummed because I love these shoes- they are red, they are flat, they have bows, and they are perfect for the holiday season.  I wore them for the family photo that only took five minutes & still my toes were going numb.  So I have to face the music & pass these babies on to someone else.  Here's the low-down:
American Eagle size 7 1/2

Flat & comfy

The cutest dang little bows on the top & felt tips.  They are practical & yet have character.

So if you are interested in these great shoes in the comment section below tell me where your at with Christmas shopping.  Did you get all your gifts purchased in August or are you just now saying "dang it, I need to go Christmas shopping".  Put your comment below & you'll be entered in a random drawing.  Unless you're the only one, then you will just get them ;)  

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  1. Gosh I want those shoes! I am 1/3 of the way done. I didn't start till Black Friday. I may have picked up a few stocking stuffers prior to black friday, but I am way off my game this year. I am trying online shopping this year. Normally I am an oldschool shopper, by principle, but necessity ruled the day this year.