The Perfect Gift

My twins are old enough now where they can Christmas shop for other people.  I generally take them to the dollar store & let them go crazy.  I try not to filter what they choose for gifts for their family & friends.  That way their gifts are straight from the heart & authentic five year old picks.  My daughter Gracie bought this for her Daddy, she thought he just had to have them.  I agree!  (P.S. the glasses also came with a red clown nose- not pictured)

Then my husband scored from our other five year daughter Maddie with this cute & cuddly guy.

And last year he got these fake hillbilly teeth from Gracie for Christmas.  My son really likes to wear them.

Other gifts from this year:
A mini gingerbread house for their Uncle Gabe
A strawberry shaped car air freshener for Grandpa Buck
A beaded glasses neck holder thing for Grandma K
A star shaped touch light for their Uncle Jack
A child's cartoon watch for their Grandpa Marvin

I love how kid minds work!

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