A Little Taste of Fall

I love Fall, I think it's my favorite season.  It's a close tie with Spring.  But I'd rather wear boots and sweaters, and I really like making soup.  So, Fall may win.
It's so amazing when all the green trees begin gently changing into bright beautiful colors.
This is our maple tree in our back yard of our house in town.  It is the only Fall like tree we have.
Here some pretty Aspen trees are peaking up from behind one of our barns.
Is anyone else in love with white pumpkins?!  The past two years there have been more of them around, and I'm digging it.
Going from golden to red, from the top down.
This bush sits outside my kitchen window, I adore it.
A snacking horse made his way into my shot.  Snacking horses don't really care if you're trying to get a great photo of the beautiful fall landscape.  If you're where they want to feed they just mosey right on in.
Here's my family's pumpkins we carved the other night.  The one on the right end is my husbands.  Can you guess what it is?  He claims he was being creative,  I think he was just getting worn out after carving three of our children's pumpkins.
I love how tall this grass is.  I am standing for this shot, the grass was as tall as me, so pretty.
And here's my baby kissing "her" horse.  No one officially gave her the colt.  He was born this summer, and since he's a baby and she's our baby I think she figures it's fitting that the horse be hers.  I'm not going to argue with her, and I would like to see someone try.
Aspen trees are the perfect color scheme: black, white, & yellow... perfect.
And here's our dog Gus adorning some pink ear muffs my baby put on him.  It snowed that day (as you can see behind him, gotta love Montana "Falls"), and she thought he needed to stay warm.  He's such a good dog, he kept them on for thirty minutes before they finally slid to his neck.  Then he slept for an hour with them around his neck.  You can't ask more from a dog than to wear ear muffs that his two year old owner puts on him.
Happy Fall everyone.  Hope you are enjoying all the wonderful colors this season brings.