Horses & Such

We recently spent a few days at The Ranch entertaining some out of town guests from Mexico.
They were in for a real treat because we have a three day old baby colt.
He's the sweetest little guy and our first colt ever to have blue eyes.  Chances are his eyes won't stay that color, but for now it is such a cool feature.
He was still dirty from being born.  So, being the mom I am I couldn't resist giving him his first bath.  He didn't enjoy it so much, "but at least you're clean" I told him.  Honestly, I don't think he cares if he's clean or not.  
We also have a colt who is a couple months old.  The hot weather really tuckers him out!
And of course the sky at the ranch was not disappointing.  And of course I had to snap a photo.  And of course I had to share it with you.
Finally, I have to brag on my oldest girls, who happen to be twins.  They competed in their second horse show ever and did a great job.
At age seven they were the youngest riders at the show and most of their competitors were teenagers.  
Nonetheless, the twins came home with ribbons and the satisfaction of competing well.
A big shout out to their Grandpa Buck, who also happens to be their coach.  He's really helped them to become amazing little horse women.  
Great job girls!
And a good job to their horses Best 
and Itchy.