Homemade Christmas Gifts: Cookies Boxes

One of the best gifts at Christmas is Christmas cookies.  Tow rules to make cookies an appropriate gift.  The cookies need to taste good.  Never sacrifice taste for looks I say!  And you need to make the packaging look cute.  Here are some cheap ideas to accomplish the latter.
Buy these cute food boxes from any craft store.  You can buy whatever size fits the amount of cookies you are giving.  Line the box with wax paper & leave extra on the ends to fold over the top of your cookies.  Organize cookies in cupcake liners to help hold them into groupings.  I got a bag of Christmas cookie cutters at the dollar store & put one cookie cutter in each box as a special treat.
Add a little bow & tag to the top, I used a stamp here & it makes live that much easier.  That's it!  Super cheap, yet very cute & scrumptious looking.
For this cookie container I used an old cornstarch can.  I took the label off & then taped a piece of pretty wrapping paper around the center.  This is a good couple or single person size cookie gift.
I used the original lid for the can & just stuck a bow on top.  Easy peasey.
This cookie box is a single serving size.  Once again I got the box at a craft store on clearance.  It's suppose to be for wedding favors, but it works perfectly for this... & it's so pretty.
Close it up & stick a bow on top & they'll never know what hit em'.

Good luck with your Christmas cookie packaging.  If you have more ideas & methods please share them with us.


  1. Jess,

    We got a GREAT idea from Family fun magazine called BAXES... http://familyfun.go.com/crafts/gift-baxes-953479/
    We thought that the Costco size Ritz or Oreo boxes WERE PERFECT, but used a variety of what we had on hand...LOVED how they turned out!
    I really enjoy reading your blog...get many ideas...I know I rarely comment, but I do read...

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