Shoes, Come & Get Em'!

Sorry my posting has been a little skimpy this week.  We have officially moved, most of our stuff, into our new house.  All the remodeling isn't done so we are still wiring, tileing, etc while we live there.  My two oldest girls began their school year on Wednesday.  And I don't have internet access yet, it's coming in 9 days.  So bare with me over the next week as we settle in.  I happen to be at my parents house tonight to visit my brother who is home fromt the army for a few days, so I had internet access... yipee!
With all our moving I have inevitably cleaned out my closet a bit.  And of course I found a pair of my old shoes that I no longer fit.  You can read about my shoe saga here, it's dramatic & gripping.  I've been hanging on to these babies for too long.  Every once in a while I try to unsuccesfully squeeze my feet into them.  I've had these shoes since college & I just love them.  It's gonna be tough to part with them.  But, alas, they simply do not fit.
They are pink (my favorite color) & the cutest shape.  Pluse they have these great buckles, I love buckles on shoes.  They are also kitten heels, because I honestly cannot handle real heaes.  Can't do it.  The balls of my feet & arches get incredibly sore.  Seems weird for someone who danced, but I just can't handle heels... which is probably why I never did ballroom dancing.  These shoes are not name brand & I can't remember where I bought them.  But they are comfortable... a top priority in footwear for me.
These babies are a size 7 1/2 & if you're wanting them throw a comment down below & let me know.  I'll do a drawing if there's enough comments.  If you're the only one who enters then their yours.  I will ship them to you at my cost.  Drawing will be held on Monday, September 12th in honor of me getting internet access again.  Please give my cute buckled shoes a home... you won't regret it!


  1. I wish I could fit in those ADORABLE shoes! LOVE them!!! I'm big foot!

  2. I would love those for my principessa....I am pretty sure they will fit her, and she would be tickled "pink" to have them!